The Time Travel Gene Trilogy – Kerstin Gier (8, 9&10/32 2017 Reading Challenge)

PrzechwytywanieTime Travel Gene Trilogy goes by three names; the other two being: The Precious Stone Trilogy, and The Ruby Red Trilogy. It consists of three books – Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green – somehow, though, I can’t look at them as separate books. For me it’s like one story, and I am seriously unable to distinguish between the three. I’m not sure whether it’s because I read them – or rather swallowed them – throughout a fairly short time (around 3 days), or because they really are not that much different.

saphire blue.PNGTake The Hunger Games, though, for example. I read them through a very similar period of time – around 3 days – and it also felt like one sitting, but I was able to, from the beginning, distinguish between the three. With The Precious Stone Trilogy, though, every following book felt like the next chapter, really.

                Never mind that.

                Meet Gwyneth and Charlotte, her cousin, who is supposed to have a time travel gene, which forces her to travel in time. She’s been trained her whole life to be able to find herself in all circumstances. Somehow, though, somebody made a mistake and it’s Gwen who’s cursed – or gifted – with this gene. She’s totally unprepared, and just a “normal teenager.” By normal, I’m afraid, we have a rather silly teenager here. Yes, it’s Charlotte that has been prepared her whole life to fit into different eras – from riding horses to playing the piano. Gwen doesn’t know any of this. She also doesn’t seem to know basic history, or culture, or anything about arts, or any foreign language. She doesn’t know anything except for modern movies, especially romantic comedies. She’s also not able to remember one Latin sentence that’s an important password. She herself once says “I need a new brain.”

                Yet, she manages to make Gideon, beautiful and perfect, though albeit dull, to fall in love with her. And she manages to stop one greedy man from becoming immortal, and ultimately save the world. I guess this should make me a little angry, or just tired, or frustrated, or I’m not sure, just roll my eyes and stop reading. Cause, the idea that you can ignore what your teachers are saying to you, and just be rude and sarcastic, while at the same time pretty and kind of helpless, is what’s enough to be the crucial part in Big-Story-Involving-Saving-the-World, should make me angry. But it doesn’t.emerald green.PNG

                I guess it’s because I never took that series seriously. I treated it as a form of entertainment. A little silly, quite illogical, but entertaining as fuck. I mean, I am a sucker for time travel. If time travel existed, I’d have a big problem of where to go – future, past? If past, would that be before Christ? The XII century, the middle-ages? Since it’s impossible, at least I can read about how others see it. Be it a little silly, and mostly focused on clothes and parties – I’ll take that. And the idea of a heroine that has no idea what’s she’s doing – I’m sorry, but makes me laugh. Or at least smile/relax. Not to mention her friend, gargoyle. The funniest thing in the series.

                So, basically, the things I liked: the action, the humor, the characters, despite them being unrealistic (I mean, take Charlotte, it’s as if she’s not even human, just “evil” with no other characteristic, but being perfect at whatever she does; and Gideon, also perfect, and besides that, just … there). What I didn’t like: the characters (look above), the cheesy romance. I guess I might say these books were a guilty pleasure. Something I should dislike, but enjoyed reading nonetheless.


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