The Sixes – Kate White (3/32 Reading Challenge 2017)

                przechwytywanieA famous writer, Phoebe Hall, flees to Pennsylvania, where she starts teaching at a small college, after she had been dumped by her boyfriend and accused of plagiarism. Still, she cannot get peace. One of the students goes missing, and turns out to be dead. The headmistress and Phoebe’s close friend asks her to investigate on her own, which leads Phoebe to discover more lies and the truth that was buried underneath.

                It is a perfect book… for lazy afternoons. It doesn’t require thinking too much – yes, of course you’re going to be guessing who the killer is, but besides that it’s just pure entertainment. One condition, though – you should disarm your logic. And sense of probability. That said, I just don’t like detective-amateurs. I prefer when the real police gets to the case. Because well, looking for celebrity’s weak points, to write books about them  as our protagonist used to do – is not exactly the same as being able to solve a murder case. In my humble opinion.

                What do we have next? Oh, the handsome love interest. With a dark past, that of course is not so dark after all. The characters were likeable enough to keep me rooting for them. But that’s about all I can say about them. They were likeable. Nice. Charming, maybe. Except for that – they lacked much depth. And the love thread made me ask the “internal question” again – do people in USA really have sex after they’ve been on one or two dates only? I mean, seriously? You’re not even sure if he’s a murderer or not, but you’ll go to bed with him? Yes, I know, she accused him of that later on, but still – if you don’t really know or trust a guy, why would you have intercourse with him? I wouldn’t. Just sayin’

                I was also a little disappointed at the end. The murderer turned out to be unexpected, which was good, but The Sixes, a students’ informal group, should have had a more prominent role. After all, they are in the title, and it’s around them that the book is centered. I suspected they are the red herring, but still I hoped they would be more… dangerous? Harmful? Devious? Anything. What turned out of them was a big blah.

                Okay, still I don’t think it was a bad book and I wouldn’t discourage you from reading it. Just don’t have high hopes. It’s rather a “women’s literature”, or a chick-flick than anything else. Good on a plane, or on the beach, on vacation, when you’re waiting for the doctor’s appointment. For some time/somewhere you don’t have to be that focused. You know what I mean. Fun to read and to guess, but totally forgettable. Well, you know, not every book has to have deeper meaning and aspire to change the world, right?

My Rating 5/10


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