Tomorrow, When War Began – John Marsden (Reading challenge 2016 – A book published in Australia)

tomorrowThis one had potential. Lots of potential. Somewhere, somehow, though, something went wrong.

                And I can’t even say what!

                Anyway, I could describe the plot with one or two sentences. A group of teenagers go on camping for a few days. When they come back, they discover their town has been invaded by some strange country, so they decide to fight back on their own.

                Oh, I know where it went wrong. The teenagers, unarmed, not trained in combat by any means, successfully not only hid (which I might believe), but also fight back, and manage to win (in some cases).


                On another note, I didn’t particularly like the characters. I mean, they were all nice and all, but somehow I had problems identifying them. Whenever one of them spoke, I was like “Hey, and who are you?” But maybe that’s me. I must be me, cause I read on the Internet that this is a bestseller.

                I’m not criticizing that book entirely, though. If I had a teenage child, I’d be happy if they read it. It speaks about important things in life, like friendship, courage, trust, the importance of not giving up. It’s a nice coming-of-age story, on the whole. I guess it’s not for me. There must be a reason for it being geared at young adults. I know, I know, my love for Young Adult books seemed never-ending.

                Somehow, I feel the end is coming, and it’s coming soon.

                Regardless, it’s not a bad book, not a good one either. I’d say its forgettable, but if I were younger I might have actually loved it.

                By the way, there are 7 of them in total – about the war itself – and 3 of “Ellie Chronicles” (Ellie is the protagonist and narrator of the books). I think I’m going to skip them, tough.


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