The Bazaar of Bad Dreams – Stephen King (Reading challenge 2016 – A collection of short stories)

1I still have a problem with short stories. I mean, you know, you start to like the characters, get involved into the story, and then it ends too quickly. But sometimes, I can enjoy and appreciate this form of writing, if it’s done well. Stephen King proved to be a master of short stories. I would even say, he’s better at writing them than at writing novels. I usually had a problem with his novels – they were too long and too detailed. I know, I know, details are important and generally cool, but too much focus on them makes it boring and makes me, sometimes, lose patience.

                But that’s just me.

                Anyway, for the stories included here. Of course, some of them were better, some of them were sort of forgettable, but generally I’d say it’s a well-balance collection, and most of the stories included were entertaining, thrilling and even compelling. They’re about guilt and morality, and of afterlife, and regrets. Creepy and real. On the whole, one of the better books I read this year.

                First let me write titles of my favorite ones:

The Dune

Bad Little Kid

A Death


Under the Weather


And some of the ones I enjoyed less:

The Bone Church

Blockade Billy

                I can say I enjoyed the rest pretty much, but just a little less than the first 6.



Herman Wouk Is Still Alive

Mister Yummy


The Little Green God of Agony

That Bus Is Another World

Drunken Fireworks

Summer Thunder

Mile 81

Premium Harmony

Batman and Robin Have an Altercation




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