Lisa Gardner – Catch Me (2016 reading challenge, a book published in USA)

catch-meSo, apparently there’s a whole series about detective D.D. Warren, and I never knew that when I saw Catch Me on the shelves on my local library. I guess it was the title that brought me to it. I have no other excuse. One way or another the fact that there were 5 other books with detective D.D. Warren didn’t matter, cause this one (and I guess all others, also) can be read separately from others and it wouldn’t confuse the readers.

Meet Charlene Grant, who managed to forget most of her early childhood. She is convinced that on the 21st of January someone will try to kill her. Two years before one of her best friends died on January, 21st. Exactly one year after that, the second of two best friends was murdered in the same way. So, Charlene is convinced this is her turn. That’s why she prepares – practises boxing and shooting. She moves to Boston to become invisible, and asks D.D. Warren to investigate her death, should she not survive the 21st January. D.D. Warren gets invested in the case, and starts investigating Charlene. At the same time, she works on another case, where someone is murdering paedophiles. Could the two cases be related at all? And what has Charlene forgotten?

This book got me interested from the first page. Unusual surroundings, craziness, hurt child, unknown past and unknown circumstances are what gets my attention from the start. Unfortunately, this subsided a little while reading. Mostly because I felt there were too many details. Details are important, they help to create a realistic environment, and realistic characters, but after a while it becomes tiring, especially when you add repetition in the mix.

This is the only thing I had a problem with while reading. All the rest was great. Convincing, complex characters, well-developed plot, and a cute doggie to add to the mix. There were a lot of people in the novel, and most of them were so carefully created that they seemed real. Each had something to add, and their background was always a nice touch.

The author switches from Charlene’s horrifying childhood to present day. The book is filled with suspense and turns. Scenes between D.D. Warren, Alex and their baby were precious and added some hopeful picture to the whole mood of the book, which was really grim and scary.

This was my first Lisa Gardner book and from what I’ve read I like her. I suppose I will look out for other books in the series, and let’s hope I like them enough to go beyond D.D. Warren and into other Lisa’s books.


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