Passionate. It’s such a nice word. It’s a word that makes me think of a lot of things all at once. About love, and about nature, but also about rage and hatred. Passion is a part of being human. Passion is what drives us.

I like people with passion. I like listening to anyone who tells about something they’re passionate about. I don’t care if there are books, or animals, or music or anything I might like. If you’re passionate enough, and you can talk about it, you could interest me in basically anything.

I have a lot of passions in life. I don’t think I could live without them. Or maybe I could, but what sort of life that would be? So, basically, I’m passionate about:

  • Books
  • Books
  • And have I mentioned books?

But besides that

  • Food
  • And have I mentioned pizza?
  • And sweets? Like chocolate. Or ice-cream. I am totally passionate about ice-cream
  • And fruits. God, thank you for the fruits.
  • And for the pizza

But besides that

  • Music
  • And my guitar. I mean, it’s so pretty. And it plays nicely, too.
  • And singing. Especially when I’m alone. Like in the shower. Or while I’m cooking

And some more things I’m passionate about

  • TV series – Desperate Housewives, that I could watch for hours, That 70s Show, Roswell,
  • The Hunger Games. Most of the world forgot about The Hunger Games already, but I haven’t.
  • Some paintings. Like The Girl with a Pearl Earring. Or anything by Vermeer. Or anything by Renoir. Or anything I don’t know the title to, but I could just walk about the museum and look at it for a very long time. Sometimes I think it’s the only thing that can ease my “mini ADHD”
  • Thinking about writing. Planning on writing. Creating ideas for stories.
  • Forest. Walking in the forest. Trees. Grass. Flowers. Sun. Rain. Sunset. The dawn. Birds singing.
  • Minnesota. Duluth in Minnesota. Rose Garden. Superior Lake. Aerial Bridge. The Minnesota forests. The “land of 10 000 lakes” The lakes.
  • Some films. Girls with a Pearl Earring. Or Child’s Play (1&2)
  • My new tattoo.

And have I mentioned books? The smell of books? The sound of a turning page? The sense of excitement I get from holding a book? A sense of belonging I get walking between the shelfs of books in the bookstore or a library?

Oh well. I don’t care if it makes me a nerd. I am Passionate about books! Period.



One thought on “Passionate

  1. You could say your . . . Passionate??? Smiles knowingly. Love this, so true! Certainly of you but of any of us who are passionate about life! Oh I love humour too! just sayin. Love love love this!

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