Leonie Swan- Three Bags Full (Reading Challenge 2016 – a book published in Europe)

owieczki1This one was recommended to me by a friend from work. It’s about a flock of sheep who discover one day that their shepherd is dead and decide to find the killer.

                I mean, it’s about sheep. How could I not?

                Before I move on, let me deal with one thing. This novel was compared to “Animal Farm” for some reason. What that reason might be, beats me. While Three Bags Full has some wisdom about human race, told from unusual perspective of sheep, it doesn’t have the seriousness and totalitarian-feeling that Animal Farm does. In my humble opinion, that is. So no, I wouldn’t compare the two.

The book was published in Germany, under the title Glennkill. Ein Schafskrimi, and in Poland as Sprawiedliwość owiec, which translates into Justice of Sheep.

owieczka2                     owieczki

Moving on.

I loved, loved, loved, how the sheep were described in this novel. Each of them has her/his special characteristic, exactly like people. They get sad, serious, jolly (mostly when they see grass that can be eaten), melancholic and have a wide variety of emotions. That doesn’t mean they’re some geniuses. On the contrary, they can fall asleep in the middle of conversation, and are easily distracted by anything connected with food. Especially grass. Green, juicy grass that’s there, just waiting to be consumed.

                One way or another, they are full of irresistible charm and I loved them all.

                As much as sheep are the advantage of the book, the pacing is the disadvantage. For almost the whole time I was reading it I couldn’t decide if I was going to finish it or not. There were moments that I felt nothing was going on and will never happen, but then the plot just moved forward in a way that kept me turning the page. Or maybe it was just the sheep’s charm. Have I said they are full of charm?

Well, they are!

                The human characters were greatly described, too. I think the author did a good job of teling a tale of a small, closed community where practically everyone has something to hide. The shepherd himself was the sheep’s sort of hero, and despite the fact that he also turned out to have his sins, I couldn’t stop liking him, either. I mean, he really loved his sheep and took good care of them. He made sure that in case he dies, they are in good hands and they can fulfill their dream of going to Europe. And he was reading to them. Absolutely, absolutely adore him! No matter what.

                After all, he was a guy who was so disappointed with people, that he almost became a recluse and was spending most of his time among his flock.

                Him, the sheep and the cool, light insight to human nature are what kept me reading and why in the end I say I enjoyed it, despite the moments when I was seriously bored. Cute, light reading, with a little touch of mystery. No masterpiece, but fun to read.






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