Trudi Canavan – Angel of Storms (Reading Challenge 2016, a fantasy book)

               aniol burz Second part of yet another trilogy of Trudi Canavan – Millennium’s Rule. No need to recommend this to me by anyone; ever since I had discovered Trudi, I’m a fan, so I’ve been waiting impatiently for this one.

                And I was disappointed.

                But let’s start from the beginning. In the second part of this trilogy, it’s been five years since the first part. Tyen is now a teacher, Rielle works as a weaver. Again, the book is told from Tyen’s point of view and that of Rielle. In Tyen’s world a rumor starts that Raen, the most powerful wizard is back. An army is forming against him, and Tyen will have to choose which side he is on. Rielle, on the other hand, is visited by Valhan, an angel from her world, who takes her with her to be on his side. But is he really what he claims to be?

                So, why did I say it was disappointing? First of all, all the other books of Trudi had this great characteristic that I couldn’t stop reading them. This one, not so much. There was a lot of fillers, fragments when not much was going on. I felt like all they were doing was travelling between worlds and nothing came of it. For me, there were too many worlds in this universe. I mean, the idea that there are a lot of worlds – or dimensions, if you may – has always been tempting for me, but this was just over the top.

                Also, I think I am starting to get tired of Trudi’s themes. It’s usually the underdog girl, who appears to have this almost super power, and discovers that the world around her is not what she was thought her whole life. So, she needs to learn about “the ugly truth” – and grow up in the process. I mean, it’s a great idea for a book, but I’ve read it a few times already in Trudi’s better works, so it sort of got old.

                Towards the end, though, the novel finally picked up. The last few chapters were real page-turners and for them, I think there’s hope for the last part of this trilogy. Maybe it was just a syndrome of a middle child.

                Anyhow, I am going to read the last part as soon as I’ll be able to get my hands on it.



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