A Dirty Job – Christopher Moore (Reading Challenge 2016 – A book writen by a man)

           A dirty job     I heard that you either love or hate Christopher Moore. No in between.

                Well, I gotta be different again. Whenever I hear his name, I shrug my shoulders as if to say “Oh, him, I’ve read a few books by him.” I liked Lamb, couldn’t finish The Stupidest Angel, but neither of them evoked any deeper emotions in me. Sort of like that “was kind of fun” (about Lamb) and “meh, not for me (about The stupidest angel). It’s similar with A dirty Job. Upon completion, the first thing that came to me mind “that was sort of fun”. The second thought? “I’ll forget it quite soon.”

                Charlie Asher is what we could call Beta Male. He goes through his life rather cautiously, running away from danger, rather than towards it. He’s ordinary looking, but always there to pick up the pieces after an Alpha Male (strong, tall, athletic jerk) hurts a woman. He has a good life, runs a secondhand shop, is married with a cool girl who loves him. And he’s just had a baby.

                It all goes downhill from now on. Rachel, Charlie’s wife, dies right after giving birth, Charlie is left with his new daughter, Sophie, and to make it worse sees a guy that nobody else sees. And then he learns he’s one of the “death’s minions” and his responsibility is to collect souls of dying people and pass them on. A dirty job, but someone has to do it.

                It sucks being Charlie.

                Ok, so what do I have to say about this one?

                Not much, really.

                Yes, it was full of grim humor, so specific for Christopher Moore. Most of the times I really enjoyed it (like the time when a little kid could kill just with a word “Kitty”, or the character of Charlie himself). It was also full of weird creatures, some of which made me smile, some of which made me cringe (I mean, WTF?). I loved the characters, though. Besides Charlies, there were a lot of funny people there, who would take extraordinary things as quite normal. Felt like each of them had something distinguished specifically for them.

                The ending, though – that one lost me. It felt like most of the book just went on for a few years, so finally I couldn’t tell time anymore, and then suddenly everything happens at once. And then it ends. Just like that. The answer to whatever was going on was not quite satisfactory, either. As if the author felt lost or fed up – or both – and wanted to wrap it up as soon as he could.

                Sort of like BOOOM!! and we’re done.

                But maybe it was just me.

                Overall, would I recommend it? Sure, knock yourself out. Don’t expect anything deep, get used to all strange creatures running around San Francisco, get to love this one of a kind dark humor, and you’ll enjoy it.

                Probably, though, you’ll forget it as soon as you finish the last page.

                Or maybe again it’s just me.


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