Gillian Flynn – Sharp Objects (Reading Challenge 2016 – mystery book)

Gillian FlynnThis is the third book of Gillian Flynn’s that I’ve read, despite it being her debut. To summarize it with one sentence, I really wish there were more.

               But, Gillian Flynn is alive and quite young, so you know. I’m waiting.

               As far as this story goes, to be honest, it wouldn’t interest me if it wasn’t for the author. I mean, you have your regular journalist, who spent some time in a psychiatric hospital. When she’s back, her boss sends her to write about the crimes from her home town. She reluctantly agrees, and goes back home to her mother, stepfather and new half-sister, whom she barely knows. You see, that was the thing that interested me most – except for the author, obviously – the family drama, that Camille, the protagonist, has to face and fight.

               It did turn out to be the most interesting part of the book for me. As for the mystery itself, it’s not that I guessed it 100%, but by the end of the novel I wasn’t surprised, either. I felt it would turn out more or less like this, and I was right. Did it ruin the book for me? Not at all. I might have read a spoiler for it, and it wouldn’t ruin it for me. Because I didn’t think solving a mystery behind the murders of young girls is the point here. It was more about difficult family relationships, mental problems and weak characters – yes, weak, because there’s not a single character from the book that I would consider a strong one. Maybe except for Camille’s boss, but it’s not like he matters that much.

               This reminds me – the thing I care about most in the books are the characters. Preferably if I could relate to them. There is not a single person I could relate here – maybe Camille, to a very tiny extent – but yet I loved them all. Sort of love-hate. You know, in a book they’re perfect, because they’re undecided, devious, sick, manipulative and controlling, but in real life I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them.

               On the whole, the book is insightful, dark and thrilling. It’s a great psychological study, like the other two Flynn’s work, and it’s filled with drug abuse, graphic violence, family hatred, obsessions, and much more downright serious subjects. I would say that the phrase “fucking good” suits here perfectly.


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