Reading challenge 2016

Remember when I said I am done with challenges?

Well, I changed my mind.

It’s my mind, so I can change it.

I’ve got a brand new challenge for myself, created by yours truly. I heard that challenges broaden your mind, so I decided to give it another chance.

This time it’s not about the quantity, but (sort of) quality. And I’ve made it especially for myself, so it will be easier to complete.

So, I challenge myself to read 31 books in total in the New Year (I’m 31, so that’s one book for each year).

They will be:

  1. A book written by a man (
  2. A book written by a woman (
  3. A book published in USA (
  4. A book published in United Kingdom (
  5. A book published in Poland (
  6. A book published in Europe, except for Poland and UK 🙂 (
  7. A book published in Canada (
  8. A book published in Australia (
  9. A book published in South America (
  10. A book published in 2015 (
  11. A book published in 2016 (
  12. A Young-adult book (
  13. A science-fiction book (
  14. A thriller (
  15. A horror (
  16. A mystery book (
  17. A fantasy (
  18. A non-fiction book (
  19. A romance (
  20. A book considered a classic (
  21. A bestseller/a book loved by “everybody” (
  22. A book by one of the authors I like, that I have not read before (
  23. A book that I have read before (
  24. A book in English
  25. A historical fiction book (
  26. A collection of short stories (
  27. A book written by more than one author (
  28. A book written in 1st person narration (
  29. A book written in 3rd person narration (
  30. An erotic book (
  31. A collection of fairy tales (

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