Forrest Gump -Winston Groom (40/52 books challenge)

Forrest GumpAs much as it kills me to admit it, I had never read this one before. I mean, am I not obsessed with USA? Am I not obsessed with books? And I had never read one of the most important classics telling about crucial events in American history.

             Well, it’s never too late till you die, right?

             So, this year came the time to fix this mistake.

             Forrest Gump, a not-so-clever guy with a big heart, tells his story – how by accident he became a star of football, and then got an award for Vietnam war. He tells it in funny, insightful way, and in my beloved first-person narration. I know that first-person narration is not always considered too “ambitious”, but the hell with it. To Kill a Mockingbird won Pulitzer Prize and it was written in 1st person narration.

            It’s a very positive, warm book, with a very likeable main characters. It’s about a man who achieved something against all odds. About a man who was always faithful to his true love, and who concludes that at least his life was not boring. Okay, I rolled my eyes once or twice, but still I consider it a good book that is verey easily read.


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