Revenge Wears Prada – The Devil Returns – Lauren Weisberger (38/52 books challenge)

   The revenge wears prada I read The Devil Wears Prada almost 10 years ago, and I don’t remember it much. I remember more or less what it was about, how it ended, and that the movie adaptation was with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. And I remember that I liked it a lot. So, I overcame my aversion to sequels – especially sequels to good, famous books that stand for their own – and read this continuation.

               What can I say? The Dvil Wears Prada stands on its own.

               I mean yeah, I said I didn’t remember the first part so well, but I did enjoy reading it a lot, and even back when I was 22 or 21 I couldn’t have had such bad taste. I wouldn’t have liked The Revenge Wears Prada, so for me this means one thing only – the first part was much better. A sequel should never exist.

               But it does, and I’ve read it, so I need to say a few things.

               Let’s begin with the title. I rolled my eyes on the words “revenge,” but after I got over it, I sort of expected some revenge. Nope. Nada. Also, seeing “the devil returns” I expected Miranda to… well, return. Oh, yes, she was there. For like two seconds.

               So what was the book about? Let me bore you with premise.

               It’s been 10 years after Andrea left her job at “Runway,” and now she and her ex-enemy Emily are best friends and owners of a bridal magazine “Plunge.” Andrea marries a Prince Charming, for some reason has nightmares about Miranda, then Miranda wants to buy her magazine, and wants Emily and Andy to work for her. Plus, there’s a baby on the way, and marriage problems and a lot of other unimportant and interesting events.

               Since I discovered that characters are what matter for me the most, let’s begin with what the fuck happened to Andrea? Why the fuck is she marrying “Prince Charming” and where did Alex go? Alex, her boyfriend & my favorite character from the first part – I remember that much. Why would Andy have nightmares about her old job 10 years after leaving? Why would she still be so scared of Miranda? I mean I’m not the bravest person in the world, but if I’d met some of the shitty bosses/Important People from the job I had 10 years ago, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have that reaction.

               Yes, I know I never had a boss like Miranda. I probably never will. Well, I mean, I’m never going to live in New York. If I had a list of cities where I don’t want to live, New York would probably be in top 10. Then again, there was a time when Warsaw was in top 10, and I live here now, so…

               Ok, let’s leave it.

               My point was characters in novels are supposed to grow up. You know, develop. As in, become more mature. I don’t quite remember Andrea from the first part, but I do recall I liked her enough and she wasn’t annoying. Too much. Unlike here. Here, she’s an immature, undecided, self-absorbed, whiny little princess. I sympathized with her in the first part, I wanted to punch her in the second. What happened to ambitious, down-to-Earth girl that was supposed to leave this glamour behind her?

               Now, for the plot.. I sort of remember the first part was funny and insightful, this thing was neither. Instead, it talked about being pregnant and going to tests, going for splendid parties where everybody wears either Prada or Versace or whatever-other-famous-designers-there-are, and having a Big Problem in the marriage that just made me roll my eyes once more. Andy finds a letter her fiancé’s mother wrote to her son – (how convenient that she wrote a letter instead of just, I don’t know – talking to him) – where she begs him not marry her. Then she finds out about one brief meeting her fiancé had with his ex-girlfriend. And that’s it. And it’s dragged on and on and it made me mad.

               What made me even madder was the fact that Andrea waited so fucking long to talk to her fiancé/husband about it.

               What made me the maddest was that I could tell from the first chapter that Andrea and her new husband wouldn’t last. Oops, sorry spoiler alert. If it needs any.

               I mean that book was so predictable, it made me a little cranky.

               I think I’d done with the rant now. Normally I would just say that it was a predictable little book with immature and unreal characters. I guess I’m so mad at this book because it destroyed my image of the first one. I guess it’s time to refresh my memory and read it – but once I’ve read the sequel, it cannot be unread.

               So, do yourself a favor and don’t read it.

               I mean you need to decide for yourselves, I don’t like to tell people what to do.

(But seriously, don’t read it).


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