Dark Places – Gillian Flynn (30/52 books challenge)

Dark placesAfter Gone Girl I found this thriller by the same author, and before I say anything about that one, let me say, I will be reading more of Mrs Flynn’s works.

                Libby and Ben Day are the only survivors of the massacre, in which their mother and two sisters were killed. Ben is in jail for this murder, and Libby is living off the fund that was created for her. 25 years after the murders, she is contacted by a gruesome club that is fascinated with unsolved murder cases, and she is forced re-examine the events of that night and try to solve the mystery behind it.

                This is not a light book. It’s an opposite of a light book. It’s about the dark places in each of us, about the evil of human nature, about weakness of humanity. The story is written partly in present, partly in the 1985, describing the last day of the Day family. It pulls you into the story deep and keeps you guessing. I don’t often read mystery novels, so I’m not good at guessing, but I still gave a shot. Some shots. None of them were correct.

                I love the multiple points of view generally, but I especially loved it here. It gave a lot of perspective, and depth to most characters. One of the greater things of this book was that we could be inside of Ben’s mind, and it was frightening, yet weirdly fascinating. The other point of view is a deeply worried mother, and then there’s Libby Day. Imperfect protagonist, guilty of putting his brother in prison; selfish, sometimes violent, and flawed in many other ways. Somehow, still, I rooted for her. And I rooted for Ben. I never wanted him to be the bad guy.

                I think it must be one hell of an ability to create such imperfect characters that we still love. Despite – or maybe because – of their flaws.

                If you like or are at least okay with reading about gore, and violence, the books is for you. It’s an insightful, convincing and really great thriller.


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