Did you know there’s going to be a new law on in-vitro in Poland?

So, recently the Polish President (the one that’s going away soon, cause he lost the election), signed the in-vitro law. The law gave some new regulations making in-vitro easier (and cheaper/free). Since I’m basically not interested in the subject, I won’t provide any details for fear I might get something wrong. General summary is as follows:

New law – pro in-vitro, Catholic church – against.

A simplified statement, I know, but it’s all I need to write the below.

Let me begin with saying that I shouldn’t be making any sort of judgments about the subject. I have never tried having kids, and I don’t want them. Moreover, I sort of think it would be better if those who can’t have kids, adopt one or two – and that’s got nothing to do with religion. But then I’d have to go into difficult regulations and requirements for those wanting to adopt, and I don’t know enough. I would probably have to bring up my albeit controversial views that everyone who wants to be a parent, should do a compulsory course on children’s psychology, up-bringing, and diets. But I don’t want to talk about that, either. I also won’t talk about people who wouldn’t be able to love someone else’s child as their own. I won’t talk about it, because I’m not one of them.

However, I can relate. I can imagine. I can make an effort to feel for them. It’s really not that hard.

… But apparently impossible difficult for the Catholic church.

So glad I’m not part of that church anymore.

As for my take on the matter, if people have the opportunity for children from in-vitro fertilization, go for it. Just my opinion. But I don’t want to talk about that, either.

The subject I would like to talk about is consistency.

And maybe hypocrisy.

So, I’ve written this short letter.

Dear Polish Priests of Catholic church,

                I recently read that you called our President a murdered. I also heard that you called the parents of in-vitro children the same thing. I also read your message for in-vitro children that it’s not their fault that because of them their unborn siblings couldn’t live. I heard that you’re condemning in-vitro, because you want to “protect the life.”

                You know what else I heard? That there was a couple, near Warsaw, who was expecting their child. The woman miscarried in sixth month. They already chose the name and got attached to the little one. It was a tragedy for them. Meanwhile, you refused to bury the child, because he wasn’t a human being yet.

                Once, I also watched this feature on the new about such cases. For the one described above was not the only one. Lots of people miscarry and want to have their babies properly buried. It’s a cathartic for them, it helps them deal with the loss. But you refuse to do it. You refuse to bury the fetuses/unborn babies, because… what exactly? They weren’t baptized? They weren’t real people?

                I have this big, big verge to write WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?

                But I’ll just ask: Why?

                Why aren’t you helping these people? Have you forgotten that this is your mission? Have you forgotten that you’re protecting life, therefore should respect it from the day of fertilization? Not form the day they’re born?

Why can’t you be at least consistent?

                Because I’ve lost any  hope for logic from you long time ago.





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