Talk to Her

This one is about a film.

Gotta have a break from reviewing books from time to time 🙂 I am still a little behind with reviewing all I read so far, but I’m getting there 🙂


Talk to Her

This movie was recommended to me by my friend from the first college I went to. It’s a movie by Almodovar and it’s supposed to shock – and it does, but in a different way than I expected. I am glad, though, I watched it only know. I don’t think I was mature enough to see it 5 or 10 years back.

It’s a story about a very lonely guy who falls in love with a girl. The guy is a nurse, and the girl has an accident which puts her in a coma. He becomes her private nurse and takes her of her every day. He forms – in his mind mostly – a strange relationship with her. He gently cares for her, massages her whole body, washes her and most importantly, he talks to her. He tells her about everything he experiences, about the plays he watches, about his new friend, whose girlfriend also falls in coma.

SPOILER – the girl gets pregnant and wakes up during/after/because of the birth-giving. The baby is dead, but she goes on living. The guy who loved and raped her, is imprisoned.

The question I have to answer about this movie was why I wasn’t condoning the man that raped a comatosed woman? I mean, there’s no other way of putting it – it was rape. It’s not like I liked what he did, but I understood. It’s because Almodovar made this movie about him. He presented his side and he did it brilliantly – in my opinion. For me, it’s primarily a film about loneliness. Loneliness, which is a human condition, but also the biggest illness of our times. Loneliness that goes deeper than anyone would suspect, and which brings out the worst in us.

As a movie, it was a little weird to watch. There wasn’t that much dialogue, and there wasn’t that much action. Yet, I enjoyed it. Mostly because I just like stories about character development and about psychological reasons behind their behavior.

What more can I say? I liked it, though it’s not for everyone. It’s what my friend at work calls “movie that can screw up your mind.” Put that way, it means my mind is already screwed up!

In all seriousness, though, for me it was a thought-provoking movie that spoke about some important problems. Worth watching.


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