See the cat? See the cradle? (Kurt Vonnegut – Cat’s Cradle – 12/52 books challenge)

Cat's CradleI think the name Kurt Vonnegut speaks for itself. We spoke about his writings at university, but I haven’t read many of his books so far. Now I’m making up for lost time.

The book is written in first person narration by John, who collects materials for his debut novel. He wants to write about the day when the nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, and how one of the inventors spent this day. His quest leads him to San Lorenzo, an island where Bokononism thrives. The book is divided into over 100 chapters, each of roughly 2 pages, so the whole is a little less than 200 pages.

The book is a grotesque, and as such it’s hard for me to describe it. Everything is a lie here, and the world is coming to an end because of wars, society’s degeneration and falling importance of science. It’s a book where there is always a second, hidden meaning, nothing is serious, and nothing is for real, yet it deals with real and serious issues.

I think the words “See the cat? See the cradle?” sums it up!

For the rest, read the book! Highly recommended.


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