Did you know there’s a rainbow in Warsaw?

Did you know there is a rainbow in Warsaw?

It’s supposed to symbolize openness, tolerance, diversity.

It looks like this:

Tęcza originalna

It’s based on the Brussels one, and it’s been in Warsaw since 2012. It’s made of plastic flowers and in my opinion it’s not the most beautiful thing on Earth, but that’s beside the point.

The rainbow was put on Plac Zbawiciela (Savior Square), in the center of Warsaw.

It’s been associated with LGBT, so of course it had to be destroyed. Vandalized. Burned.

It was rebuilt, though.

Then, it got burned for the second time.

It was rebuilt.

Then, for the third time.

It was rebuilt.

And then it was burned for several more times.

Some of my friends say they should stop rebuilding it, because it’s a waste of money. Villains will burn it again. And again. And again. They will never stop, and Poland is just not rich enough to spend so much money on it, only to watch it in flames again.

To be honest, we’re really not rich enough.


But I can’t stop thinking it’s giving in to vandalism. To Middle Ages. To intolerance. Ignorance and aggression. I can’t stop thinking it’s giving up. And the aggressors won.

We’ve had election for the new President recently. The right-wing party won. The right, religious party. The new President-elect is now catching Host in air, and the Catholics who are happy the that the only true Christian party won, are saying “This is the Sign! New President will re-build our country!”

Well, America made it possible now for every homosexual to get married in every state. People all over the Internet are putting their profile pictures on Facebook as a way of support. I was planning to do it, too, but as much as I love the USA, I’m not from there, so I feel I don’t have the right.

But I’m proud of USA and I’m glad they did it. They have their right to marry whoever they want to and good for them!


What do we have, though?

We have President chasing Host.

We have rainbow that’s being burned over and over again, so now the government of Warsaw decided to move it to some “safer” place.

We have Facebook movement where people turn their profile pictures red and white to show WE are NOT like USA and we will not put rainbow colors as profile. Suddenly, the colors of the Polish flag (red and white) mean being anti-gay!!!

I guess Poland will be kept in the darkness. Catholics will have their Middle Ages country, where gays are excluded and President is a new Christ. And the new President will truly rebuild and lead our country.

To narrow-mindlessness.

To intolerance.

To aggression.

To ignorance.


I am angry that I live in country like this. I am angry because there is nothing I can do about it.

Mostly, though, I am just sad. Sad for gays that live in Poland, sad for anybody who is different than the so-called majority and therefore ridiculed. Sad for myself, though I’m not gay.

I am just so sad.


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