A Brand New Me – Shari Low (11/52 books challenge)

Brand New MeLet me begin with saying I don’t usually read books like that. Ok, yes I enjoyed Bridget Jones Diary, but that’s an exception – and I was much younger. However, I was after reading Orwell, and I needed something light. Besides, it was about Zodiac Signs. How could I have missed an opportunity like that?

The plot is quite simple – Leni, a 27-year-old girl in love with safety that her systematic life gives her, makes a New Year Resolution to change her life – and her personality. To be more adventurous and open, to find a new, interesting job and to find a great guy. This year it actually has a chance of becoming real, because of a new job as a personal assistant to a crazy clairvoyant and celebrity Zara. A part of her job is to go on dates with 12 men of different Zodiac Signs and then write a report for Zara’s new book.

While starting it I was hoping for a light literature for women, not challenging and just to enjoy and get my mind off other things. Plus, a few stereotypes about Zodiacs I could laugh at. Well, it was like it – and it wasn’t. At times the book got me really annoyed, because in my humble opinion it was filled with unnecessary things/evens/descriptions/what-you-may that took up time, but was neither funny nor particularly important to the plot. Leni, the protagonist, sometimes got on my nerves, especially because of her never ending dilemmas and thinking/talking about them too much. The style wasn’t always that smooth, either. It had its moments, but some parts seemed as if written with much difficulty.

And the Zodiac Sings? The Capricorn part was pretty awesome, and some other parts were pretty great, too – funny and sarcastic. I didn’t get all the stereotypes, though. Not every sign was portrayed as I see them, so I was a little confused and a little disappointed. That’s my problem, though, I guess.

Overall, it wasn’t so bad, but I expected a little more from it. Either it was a chick literature of poorer quality, or I just grew out of this kind of books.


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