The Real Real – Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

the real real   For one reason I’m glad December is coming to an end. November, December and January (especially the first part) are the hardest for me, because the days are short in my country and it’s dark and cold outside. As a result, I don’t have much energy and at the hour of 7 PM I feel like going to bed. I don’t do that, of course, but I do feel the difference between sunny days of June or July and the off-putting season we’ve had for the past weeks.

Christmas, however, I do like. It’s a great season with lovely decorations and cute films on TV that always have happy endings. Most of all, though in my country it has 2 paid days off plus I usually take 24th December from my holidays. Therefore, I got some more time to write right now. Now it’s time for a book I’ve finished reading like a month before – “The Real Real.” I admit I chose it solely because of “The Nanny Diaries” by the same authors. (two people writing a book is still a little hard for me to understand, but whatever).

A popular TV station comes to an average American town in an average high school and decides to start a new TV show about life at their high school. Besides the obvious choice of “the most popular students at the school” they pick Jesse O’Rourke to be one of their stars. And, as I – and probably most of those who read it – she gets mixed up in the show business world; made to do things she doesn’t want to, hang out with people she doesn’t like, and is on a verge of losing her best friend and chance for love in the process.

I especially liked when the show got its premiere and Jesse was a witness of reactions of people around Jesse. She gets her fan-page on the Internet, as well as haters all around the country. She also gets to know that “what sells on cameras” is the only thing that counts in this world, and that it’s not worth to lose friends and family’s respect over this.

This book was actually everything I expected it to be – which is a good thing. I wanted a light, easy read – and I got it. I wanted a funny, little story about something deeper and more universal and I got it. Also, I wanted a happy ending and I got it. This book didn’t pretend to be something else than it was, and it is a great plus. It’s not a masterpiece of literature and I didn’t expect it to be. It’s just a cute story about some teenagers and their ways of finding goal in life and learning about what’s important in it – and as such I think it’s worth reading.


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