On Soccer

Wednesday, 9th of July this year. I arrive at work as usually, and the girl that sits next to me looks at me and says: “Seven-One.” I’m like “Ha?” She repeats: “SEVEN-ONE” and adds “Nice, ha?” I’m still like “WTF,” and say to her “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” “Yesterday’s game! They lost 7 to 1.” Aha. Then the girl that sits in front of me asks “What kind of world do you live in?” To which my Supervisor replies: “A world without soccer, apparently”

Hell, yeah!

Then one of them asked if there is a world without soccer at all. Of course there is! It may be a small one, and one that accommodates very few people, but well, at least it’s not crowded where we live. I’ve recently seen a photo of a man sitting in front of a white, empty wall and looking at it – with a signature: “Still more exciting than watching soccer.” This cracked me up big time. I can SO relate to this. Seriously. I hate watching soccer, football, or well, most sports. Does the fact that we have world championship going on right now mean that I should suddenly become a fan? Don’t think so.

Not so long ago we had “EURO 2012” and Poland was hosting it. “Everyone” was happy, but I had mixed feelings about it. I mean, I was glad that there were so many foreigners in our country all of a sudden and that they all said we are very hospitable and kind etc., but the reason for it… It seemed like everybody was talking about soccer, and since I had no interest whatsoever, I felt a little out of place – as if I was truly living in a different world. There was one game, though, I did try to watch – the most boring 20 minutes of my life.

My sister – equally negative towards soccer as I am – told me there was a game where Poland still had a chance to go to the next level – whatever that next level was. She talked me into watching it; I figured maybe I really should, this one time. I turned the TV on, and after 5 minutes I called my sister to ask “Which channel are they on? Cause I think I’m watching the wrong game.” She explained there were two matches simultaneously. I changed the channel and after another 5 or 10 minutes, I called my sister again – this time to ask which ones were Polish guys. After another 10 minutes or so, I took out a book to read. After another 5 minutes, I called it quits and turned the TV off, because the game was disturbing my reading. That was the end of my watching a match. I decided I won’t ever do anything only because “everybody else is doing it.”

The match I mentioned at the beginning was a great event, apparently, widely commented on – but somehow I managed to avoid most of it. I’ve seen pictures of depressed Brazilian (female) fans, and I couldn’t stop thinking “Gosh, don’t they have bigger problems? There are people dying of hunger, for Pete’s sake.” Also, I think I might sorta agree with this person who once asked (have no idea who or where) “Why can’t they just give them each one ball, so they wouldn’t have to chase after the only one on the field?”

That being said, I’m not criticizing – at least not intentionally – watching or playing soccer or being a fan of it. I’m only saying – let me be. Let me live in my little “world with no soccer.” I have no knowledge about this sport and I have no interest whatsoever. It’s my damn right. I have a right to not want to hear about it, read about, or know anything about it. And for sure I’m not going to feel bad about it. And if some girls at work think I’m kind of an alien for not knowing the result of the Germany-Brazil match – well, it’s their problem.


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