The Maid’s Room – Fiona Mitchell

the maids roomI am in love with The Help, both the movie and the book, so it was obvious that I would want to check out the book that’s so similar with the subject. Not to mention, it was compared to The Help, AND the plot mentions this book, when the characters are reading it for their book club. Did I ever think, though, that The Maid’s Room would be the next The Help? Not really. Well, maybe for a second.

If I did, I was wrong.

The premise of the book is description of lives and horrible conditions of the foreign maids, working for Singapore British businessmen. Tala and Dolly are sisters, working as maids to provide better future – or future at all – for their families left back at home, in the Philippines. Dolly is the more delicate, quiet one, while Tala is out-spoken. One day Tala discovers Vanda’s blog – where the author tells how to treat your maid, giving advice as putting cameras in their rooms, and taking their passports away. Tala created a blog of her own, to give the voice to thousands of women who are taken advantage of.

First of all, I was disappointed of the blogs. They are only a small portion of the book, extracts are thrown in every now and then, but they are always just short notes, and they are not a big part of the whole novel. I was expecting it to be a much bigger thing.

Another big problem with the novel is that it’s boring and unemotional. The author is a reporter, so maybe that’s the reason. For such an emotional subject, though, I believe there should be something more. Instead, we have this recounting of various events that present the true problems with lives of maids, but there is little feeling shown behind it.

That brings me to the third issue. The events presented are too chaotic for me. As if the author wanted to show all the problems these women face, but didn’t have a deep idea of how to put them into a story. As a result, we don’t have fully-fleshed characters, which makes it harder to identify with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discouraging from reading this one. It’s an important social issue, and I’m a sucker for those. The characters, the employers, think that the times of exploiting the help is behind them, and it’s both sad and infuriating how wrong they are. The author based this book on her real-life observations, and it serves well with reminding people slavery is not exactly done in today’s world.

It just lacks the passion and psychology that I am looking for in a novel.

Something that The Help had.

Adjustment Protocol

               One one episode left, so I’d thought it’d be fun to write my comments before the big finale next week. I’m curious how some of my sentiments are going to be changed next week.

ClarkeWith only one episode left, The 100’s “Adjustment Protocol” takes us on another emotional journey, kills off another major character and leaves us with more burning questions.

                I have seen a lot of “Please-let-Abby-die-already” posts going around Internet, but I never believed the writers would really kill her. First time I did think she was going to die was in the very first episode, but since then she seemed as indestructible as Clarke. But there we go. She’s gone. And even though I’m not her fan, I was moved by the way her life flashed between her eyes when she was dying. It was a great send-off to one of the main character.

                On a side note, wouldn’t that be something if at the end of the show Clarke died?

               Going back to Abby, I should have seen it coming this episode, with what she said to Russell about him killing Clarke, and with Russell’s reaction to it. Everything was leading to her death. The moment she had with Clarke, reconciling with Raven. I’m loving the “post-Marcus’ death” Raven. It was a real touching and sweet scene between her and Abby, and I’m glad she apologized for judging Abby too hardly. I’m not sure I agree with her, but her attitude has been pissing me off this season (and I usually love Raven), so whatever, I’m taking it. And if I’m right that the change in her attitude can be contributed to Marcus –  even better. Marcus and Monty deserve to be remembered and followed.

                Speaking of Monty, it doesn’t look the non-lethal plan of dealing with Sanctum is going so well. The Sanctum people FINALLY got to know the truth about the Primes, only to be overcome with red sun toxin. Because surprise-surprise, Russel had some up his sleeve, as well.

            MemoriBut let’s focus on Murphy for a moment. I’m confused about his story-line. Why did Murphy feel he has to pretend to go on with that? But screw this. I got a few lovely things out of it. First, he and Emori looked so cool in the Sanctum outfits. It’s always a nice change to see them all dressed up, since, you know, they’re usually dirty and covered in blood. (But let’s admit it, this has been a really clean season). Second, the makeup that John had on his face, to resemble Emori’s tattoos, was a really sweet touch. But the greatest part is at the end, when he decides to stay and shows his true colors, to which Clarke responds by letting him know who she really is. One of my favorite scenes this episode.

                And it’s always fun to wonder which side Murphy is currently on, and where he will wind up in the end.

              AbbySpeaking of outfits, look at Abby – well, Simone – in the new, gorgeous get-go they gave her after Resurrection. Eliza wasn’t the only one who had to play a completely different character than the one she’s been playing for the past 5 and half years. It’s always cool to watch when the same actress plays two different characters, and I am as always full of admiration both to Eliza (Clarke) and Paige (Abigail).

          Madi, oh Madi. What have they done to you? I’m not liking the Sheidheda storyline so far. There may be two reasons. One, it’s too rushed. One day we see Madi resisting Sheidheda, the other we see Madi going on fully possessed. The other is, after killing a few Primes and being captured, there isn’t much Sheidheda is actually doing. Screaming he will kill the child is Raven doesn’t stop what she’s doing is a little too little for me.

                bellamy and octaviaAfter last week’s touching scene of the Blakes, they are definitely heading in the right direction. We even got treated to a little, but memorable scene of them goofing around just after the shield was down. And Bellamy remembers he has a girlfriend! Nice of him! But in all seriousness, it was touching how he was worried about Echo. “The truth is, you’re fine, until you’re not” is going on the shelf with my favorite wisdom quotes.

           I was sort of shouting – well, in my mind – at Gabriel to fucking kill Russell already. I guess he values life a little too much, though. Yeah, I know, it should be impossible to value life “too much”, but since Russell has been around for a few centuries, and should have died a long time ago, I’d say, yeah, in this context, it IS possible. Nonetheless, I admire Gabriel. If I had to pick my truly favorite new character of Season 6, that would be him. As fun Josephine was to watch, Gabriel may be the only one who got to my heart this season.

                Please don’t kill him. Pretty please.

                Other questions and comments

  1. Again – where is Diyoza? Please tell me she IS coming back!
  2. Since we have this anomaly thing, the whole unexplored moon and probable destruction of Sanctum in mind, will Season 7 be still on Alpha? I was expecting them to sort of go and explore other possibilities/planets in the next season, but I’m willing to see what other mysteries the moon is hiding.
  3. Please develop the Sheidheda storyline, or anything with the “Lexa” flame, in the next season. Otherwise I’m going to be left with feeling everything connected with Madi this season was a waste. Cause I don’t think I’m going to be just fine with whatever development they’re planning for this for the last episode. There just isn’t enough time to explore all in a satisfactory way.
  4. Where is Jordan?
  5. What about that Becca flashback Madi had in 5th season? When they burned Becca at the stake?
  6. I guess Sanctum people didn’t care that much about burning at the stake that happened two episodes ago. I overestimated them.
  7. I’ll repeat what I wrote last time: please no genocide this season. Please let part of season 7 be establishing new Sanctum order after the Primes are gone.

Made You Up – Francesca Zappia

Made you up

Just as I almost believed Young Adult books are not for me anymore, there it was. Made You Up by Francesca Zappia, a book that brought me back to YA world.

            How would that feel not to be able to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not? This is what Alex is going through every day – she’s aware she’s sick and that what she sees is not always true, but she never knows which is which. Her hallucinations look so real that she is not able to distinguish by herself. That doesn’t stop her from trying to have a normal life, though. She carries her photo camera everywhere with her, taking photos of everything she sees, and starts new school, hoping to find some friends and get to a college.

            I’m glad the author decided to write about such a difficult problem as mental illness is. Making the protagonist schizophrenic opened the readers’ minds, allowing them to feel at least a small percentage of what it could be like to hallucinate and have paranoia. This also makes Alex the ultimate unreliable narrator, which is great, because the reader never knows which part of the book happened, and which were just in Alex’s imagination.

            Except for Alex, we have a few other interesting characters – a genius Miles, all of Miles’ club, and an anti-hero with compelling story and motivations. I enjoyed them all – Alex is funny, sarcastic and strong, supporting cast is charming, plot is intriguing, even if a bit unbelievable at places. There’s a nice twist, and quite a good ending.

            I’m not an expert on schizophrenia – in fact I know close to nothing about it – but this novel was not necessarily about it. For me, it was a metaphor for our daily struggles and human nature – we are flawed, we make mistakes, but most of us ultimately want to do the right thing. Despite the dark subject of mental illness, the novel stays light in most places, and is, in my opinion, quite an enjoyable read. Good Young Adult prose I was missing so much recently.

P!NK !!!

Let me interrupt this stream of reviews and general The 100 love fest to write about something that has happened last weekend in my life.

I was at a P!nk concert!

1 Pink

And that’s saying a lot, because I don’t usually go concerts. Seriously, I could count on fingers of only one of my hands the numbers of concerts I’ve been to in my life. I think that would be Blue October, Placebo and one Polish artist when I was 18. And that’s it. That’s because I simply hate crowds, and concerts are too loud, anyway.

Now P!nk. I mean, it was P!nk, so I had to.

And boy, that was something. That really was something.

I had known, more or less, that I could expect some gymnastics, and simultaneous beautiful live singing, but to see it on Youtube, and to see and hear it live are two completely different things.

Pink 2Held at National Stadium, Warsaw, 20th July 2019, this concert was the only one in Poland on a Beautiful Trauma tour that P!nk is having right now around Europe. Last time P!nk (Alecia Beth Moore) was in Poland was like 15 years ago, and I really hope it will not take her another 15 years to come back here.

Anyway, the concert started with Get the Party started – which should not be a surprise to anyone – sang…. from a chandelier hanging under the ceiling. It was followed by Beautiful Trauma and Just Like a Pill, and that was it. It was enough to steal my heart and full attention for the rest of the evening. Judging by the applause, I wasn’t the only one.

P!nk and her band and dancers kept the highest level of music and dancing till the end of the show. P!nk mixed her older hits with newer ones, the fast and loud with slow and nostalgic. There was time for more acrobatics, not only from her side, but also from her wonderful dancers. There was also time for quiet songs. First, 90 Days with a guest form USA, Wrabel, then Cyndi Lauper cover Time After Time, and a piece from P!nk’s latest album, Hurst2BHuman, Walk me Home. Those two were performed with just P!nk’s guitarist, Justin Dericco, with whom she had done a lot of acoustic versions in the past – and whom I absolutely adore.

Pink 3But the concert was not only music – performed live and at the highest level – but also important messages. With Perfect and What About Us, she reminded us to accept ourselves the way we are, and to have tolerance and acceptance for others.

But the last one was what took my breath away – after approximately two hours of dancing and singing and swinging through the air, P!nk got herself tied to a rope and hung under the ceiling once again, to “fly” over the audience, performing one of her better-known songs So What! The audience clapped and gasped, and I was in awe.

I just hope I will be privileged enough some other time in my life to see P!nk live at least one more time.

The 100 “Matryoshka” (S6E10) – comments

Before I start, this is not a review, just my random thoughts after last week’s episode of the 100.

So, with only three episodes left to the end of Season Six of The 100, we still don’t know exactly about this anomaly thing. I mean, yeah, it healed Octavia, but I want to know more.

                Mainly, where is Diyoza already?

                That said, let’s move on to my first ever comment post about The 100 episode – the latest “Matryoshka”, the 10th episode of the Season Six.

                Let me just say season 6th has got to be my favorite so far! I never thought it would be possible for any show to get to a 6th season and make me like it more or the same as any of the first ones – but there we go. After a disaster of a fifth season, we have this pearl.

                Anyway, after the previous, rather slow episode centered on redemption and looking in, we have an action-paced chapter that brings an end to Josephine-Clarke storyline of sharing one body, give us progress on Dark Madi storyline, and shows how Russel Just Wants to Have Lunch in Peace. I mean, is this asking for too much? Everybody likes to have a lunch in peace, am I right?

Matryoshka 2

                So, we have Simone telling Abby that Clarke is dead – to the best of her knowledge – and much to Russell’s disagreement. That would be honestly the first time I ever paid attention to Simone – cause, you know, I have to admit I saw her more like an addition to Russel. I guess I was focusing on him too much. But! Just as she was getting interesting – and bloody, demanding all of the people from Earth to be killed – she gets killed of (at least for now?). Because elsewhere, Ryker tells the truth about the Primes to Dalilah’s mother, and to a null who had given his baby as a sacrifice to the trees (I mean, they really do that??). In return, the null (forgot his name) kills Simone. I must admit I did not see that death coming AT ALL.

                I did predict another thing, though. I knew something would go wrong with Echo’s plan. I never doubted her ability to shoot an arrow and not miss, so there had to be something else. Cause, you know, the best-laid plans usually go to pieces in The 100. And now it was Ryker. Just as I thought he would truly be getting good. I mean, it feels right to be on the good side, doesn’t it? I underappreciated Echo a lot in the previous seasons. I am loving the bits and pieces they are giving us of her backstory.

                That said, Ryker proved to be more faithful to the Primes – his family – than to “being on the good side,”. Poor Raven, there was a time I hoped maybe this time she could be happy with a guy.

Matryoshka 3

                There was a time I thought she could be happy with Luna. Oh, well.

                Speaking of. I’m happy with Raven this episode. She got her sweet talk with Murphy, proving she must be the only one – at least right now – who is able to “get to him.” And she got the idea of how to save Madi from Sheidheda! I mean, Raven solving a technical problem, is Raven at her best, so I have high hopes for the next episode.

                While I am at Madi, the only thing I liked about her storyline is telling Abby how John had betrayed Clarke. That said, overall, I’m not liking her “possession” storyline that much. Madi was a badass, but sweet girl in previous season. But all kinds of admiration go to Lola Flanery, the actress playing Madi – she made Madi looked frightening. Or maybe it’s because I have a thing for evil children? Always thought that was more frightening and disturbing that evil adults.

Anyway, where WERE the other Commanders? How could they allow Sheidheda to take control? How could Lexa allow it? Maybe we’ll find out.

                By the way, does anybody remember that time when Madi had a dream about Becca being burned at the stake? I know I do. And I was hoping to get an explanation, some more flashback, anything about that thread. Girl can still hope, season’s not over yet.

                As we are with burning at the stake. I wonder how Russel is going to convince himself he is the good guy – something he is so good at, except for eating lunch, that is – after the burning at the stake we had this episode. Because Russel believing he IS good – I have no doubt. At least Simone was more honest and pragmatic, but Russel is a more complicated cookie. And how are the residents of Sanctum to see Russel after the execution of one of them? While he let the intruders from Earth go, after making such a big speech about the necessity of purifying Sanctum, by killing them?

                But maybe the Sanctum residents are just so brain-washed they will not react in any way and continue to follow Russell blindly no matter what he does. Time will tell. But I do wish this season doesn’t end with another genocide, this time of people of Sanctum. Please, please, the writers, please let all the Sanctum nulls live!

                Elsewhere in the woods, Clarke and Josephine fight each other over control of the one body they’re sharing, at the same time trying to keep it alive. Clarke gets rid of some of Josephine’s memories to help keep their minds separated, and we get to see more of Jo from before. She tells Clarke “I wasn’t always like this,” and chooses to get rid of her bad memories, keeping only the beautiful, sweet, good ones. But when it comes to it, she turns out to do exactly what she has been doing for the past few centuries – she fights and deceives. Even without the memories of having done the bad things, she is as evil as she turned to be in a few lifetimes.

              But I was glad to know she did really love Gabriel. And just as I was afraid Gabriel would not let her go, would give in to her pleading for living their lives together and getting old, they have their bitter-sweet last scene, and he lets her go. Because he loves her, and because they’ve had their time. So, the truly good guy here turns out to be Gabriel. I’m still wondering about his “children,” though. I like to believe they’re the good ones, too, but the way they wanted to execute Josephine without listening to any explanation, makes me wonder.

                But, after all, it was Josephine! Of course, they’d want HER executed.

               It was cool to see Bellamy and Octavia reunited. And it was so cool to see Octavia hug Bellamy. Less cool to see Bellamy not returning the hug. I thought that would be one hell of a moving hug, bitter-sweet, that would touch me deep inside in a good way. But no. Bell has not forgiven, nor has he forgotten. Give it time. Just give it time. I guess Octavia has to earn this first.

                And there we are at the end of the episode and the “Bellarke” thing. I am not a shipper. I mean, I usually don’t ship any couples, and I have no interest in Bellamy and Clarke. If they end up together, fine. If they don’t, also fine. But after this episode, I feel bad for Echo. Bellamy showed all the sighs of a person in love – and it was the strength in this love that ultimately saved Clarke. Such a sweet, touching moment. Good to have Clarke back. I was always sure we didn’t lose her permanently and that it was just a matter of time before they bring her back. I am going to miss the Clarke-Josephine dynamics, though. And Sara Thompson, the actress that played Jo in her original body, she is brilliant in that role.

Matryoshka 1

                But have I mentioned I feel really sorry for Echo?

So, for the next episode we may be expecting a return to events at Becca’s lab, where they made Clarke a nightblood using Luna’s bone marrow. I like it when this show goes full circle. First, they did that with Mount Weather comparison in season 4, when they took Luna’s bone marrow forcefully, and now we are at the same point again. The bone marrow thing is something that just keeps on giving.

I think I wrote a lot more that I was planning to, but that’s okay. Nice to have it out of my system.

Tune in for the next episode, tomorrow!

John Grisham – The Last Juror

                I was reading some of John Grisham when I was younger, and I loved all of those books. Then I had a long, long break, to be back with The Last Juror as my re-introduction to his novels. And if I was expecting another crime-legal-thriller thing as I remembered, I was wrong.

                The last jurorBut let’s start from the beginning.

                A quiet, small, Southern town. Not a lot happens daily. Most people are against any changes and progress; after all it’s Mississippi, the beginning of the 70s. The local newspaper is bought by a young, inexperienced man from the North. At the same time, a woman is violently raped and murdered, and the suspect is a member of a big, rich family with a reputation of being involved in a series of illegal activities. So, the trial begins.

                The novel is hard to classify – which is a good thing, at least for me. It’s a bit of legal thriller, a bit of crime story, and a lot of description of a Southern, small town at the brink of social changes – most importantly, de-segregation of black and white people. It’s also a story of a beautiful, unusual friendship between the young new owner of the newspaper, and the experienced, black woman with 8 grown-up children. All these aspects are essential to the story, and all together they form a great tale of Clanton over 9 years.

                The action is not even throughout the whole of the book. Sometimes it’s fast, but other times it slows down, as if to reminisce the lazy, hot, tiring days of summer in the South. I loved the scenes in the court, after all they are the main reasons why I ever read Grisham. As usual, they are vividly described, showing the author’s extensive knowledge about the subject.

                Do I recommend it? Yes, I do. But, with a doze of caution. If you’re looking for a mere courtroom drama, or a legal thriller with fast action, you may re-think reading this. But if you’re looking for a fascinating story, with a lot of different elements, thorough characterization of a town with its people and a crime thread, then you’re in for a treat!


My Rating: 7/10

Word Prompt Rainy Days

I feel it’s gonna rain like this for days goes the lyrics of that song by Creed. And every time it’s raining outside, I hear it in my head. Like yesterday, when it was raining, the wind was blowing, and I was waiting for a bus for what seemed like hours.

But the promise I made to myself was to look on the bright side. And well, you know, we can’t change the weather, but we can change the way we react to it. So, as much as we love the sun (well, at least most of us), and we hate when rain ruins our plans of a beautiful day on a bike (or a picnic, or a long walk, take your pick), what is the good thing about the rain?

prawa autorskieWell, it may not wash everything away as in the song, but it does change the air. Trust me, with my breathing problems that I’ve had half my life, I know! And rain is water, and water is life – life for flowers, life for trees.

Best thing, though? It’s just such a perfect excuse to go under a blanket on a rainy day, with a good book, some candles and a glass of wine/cup of tea. When you don’t have to be waiting for a bus, that is. So, the next rainy day that may come your way, cuddle up, make a tea, and enjoy the change of air.

And remember the sun will come back again!


Word Prompt Rainy Days




Word Prompt – Haywire

2019-06-19 16_12_34-open book - Szukaj w GoogleYou gotta have a plan has got to be one of my favorite saying. I literally say that to myself a few times a week. So, I make plans. I make a plan for the day, for the week, for the whole month sometimes. I make a training plan, I make a learning plan, I make a reading plan. You name it, I have it.

                And then I live by it.

                Just kidding! Of course, I don’t live by it. You know when my plans for the whole week go awry? Monday. Tuesday, tops. Then it’s like, everything goes, and it’s haywire all over again. And what I do next week comes? I make a plan. And why? Because you gotta have a plan!

                I am exaggerating, obviously, but that is true that I do make plans, and it’s true a lot of them are thrown into trash. Plans help me have some basic idea, some structure, some point of action. I don’t care – usually – when it turns into haywire. It’s what makes life interesting.

               There’s one thing when haywires are just the best. Whenever I write a new story. I have a plan – even a rough one – and then the characters take charge. It feels like they make their own decisions. And then I just need to clean up the mess after what they’ve done. I didn’t believe it when other aspiring writers were saying that, but I have experienced it myself a few times already, and I Am Loving It. It makes me feel the most creative.

                So, maybe sometimes it’s good not to have a plan?


Word Prompt Haywire



A Dog’s Way Home – Bruce W. Cameron

                Yes, yes, I admit, A Dog’s Purpose is the reason for reading this story narrated by a dog. I mean, who’s not charmed by a tail-wagging, ball throwing, jumping furry friend a dog makes? I know I am.BellaThis time the protagonist is Bella, a homeless puppy found by Lucas. He takes Bella home and soon they become best friends. They live in Denver, however, where it’s forbidden to keep pit bulls, so Bella has to leave. Now it’s up to her to find her way back home. She travels thousands of miles, has many adventures on her way, and meets a lot of different people. But will she be able to find her way back to her human?

                Bruce Cameron writes about dogs like nobody I have ever read. He shows them so much love and warm it feels impossible not to be touched by it. Dogs Way Home is no exception. Bella is a great dog, devoted to his human, and full of love to other people she meets on her way. She’s funny and clever, and very determined. We see the world through her eyes, so the dialogues as well as characters of people are simplified. A dog is an honest, devoted animal, who doesn’t play any games and doesn’t betray, and we, as people, should be more like her.

                There was, however, something missing here – especially compared to “A Dog’s purpose.” Part of this is the plot was at places too simple, and Bella’s way home felt boring at times. A lot happens in the first part of the book, and then it slows down in a way upon Bella’s decision to go and find Lucas. Which is why I’m giving this novel just one star less than “A Dog’s Purpose.” Besides, I couldn’t stop wondering if one person really can go to such lengths just for revenge? Seemed a little far-fetched for me.

                Still, I do recommend it, and I recommend it to everyone – children, teenagers, adults of both sexes. It’s both moving and funny and awakes all sorts of emotion. It’s a voice of dogs in the world of people.


My rating: 8/10

My favorite the 100 characters – p. 2

A second part of my favorite the 100 characters, this time from the secondary ones – this covers seasons 1 to 5.

As always, spoilers ahead 😊


  1. Harper McIntyre

           Harper I barely noticed her in the first season, and when I did I thought of her as some silly, easily-impressed girl that fell for Jasper and his stories. In season two she was still neutral to me, and it was season three when she became one of my favorite secondary characters. I loved how she helped with rebellion against Pike, and then how she took her relationship with Monty to the next level – because honestly, if it wasn’t for her, Monty would not take this step!

            Harper is caring and loyal and has her heart in the right place. She was a great girlfriend/partner to Monty and a great addition to the cast.

  1. Jacopo Sinclair

           Sinclair He totally deserved more screen time than he got. A very intelligent and kind man, he was the best mentor to Raven, practically acting as her father. Not a leader type, he was rather quiet and kept to the back, but courageous and ready to do the right thing.

  1. Nyko kom Trikru

           Nyko The only healer Trikru had. Another loyal and strong man. Even though they didn’t show this too much, I still love his and Lincoln’s friendship. Nyko won me over, though, with the way he was with Luna when she lost all her people. Very supportive and sweet. I hate the way he was killed off.

  1. Maya Vie

            MayaAnother courageous soul on the show. I especially admire how she was fighting sort of “against her interests,” to stay true to her beliefs, and to do the moral thing. She was a true revolutionary and her death was especially heart-breaking.

  1. Kyle Wick

           Wick His relationship with Raven is one of my favorites on the show. I loved their chemistry, and I loved Wick’s sense of humor. He was one of the few characters that were lighting the mood with his sarcastic comments. I’m sorry he disappeared and didn’t have a proper closure with Raven. I understand, though, the decision “behind the scenes.”

  1. Luna kom Floukru

            My absolute favorite from them all the characters. She had relations with multiple characters on the show and could be a great addition, but instead she was killed too soon, and I felt her character was wasted.Luna

            I am going to write a separate post just about her. Now I just want to say – even though I hated the way she turned into this blood-thirsty monster at the end, I can understand it to some point. Throughout almost the whole season 5 I was like: “God, Luna was right, they all really should have just died!”

            Yeah, I did hate season 5!